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Mixcash AI

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Mixcash AI is at the forefront of enhancing transaction privacy on the Ethereum network. By leveraging advanced mixer technology, we provide users with the tools to conduct secure and anonymous transactions. Our project is built with a commitment to ensuring privacy, security, and seamless user experience, making it a go-to solution for those who prioritize confidentiality in their financial activities.

Mixcash AI is a revolutionary platform designed to offer a comprehensive suite of privacy-enhancing features on the Ethereum blockchain. With functionalities including single mixer, multi mixer, tipping, wallet generator, and custom wallet generator, we aim to provide a holistic approach to transaction anonymity. Our smart mixers ensure that your transactions are untraceable, safeguarding your financial privacy in the digital world.

Mixcash AI

Enjoy Mixcash AI Features

Single Mixer

Enhance the privacy of individual transactions, making them untraceable on the Ethereum network.

Multi Mixer

Mix multiple transactions simultaneously for even greater anonymity.


Send anonymous tips securely and privately.

Wallet Generator

Generate secure Ethereum wallets with ease.

Custom Wallet Generator

Create personalized wallets tailored to your specific needs.

Advanced Scanner

The Advanced Scanner feature of Mixcash AI lets users scan token project contracts directly, helping them analyze the data and decide if the tokens are good or bad.

Converter Pair

Converter Pair feature of Mixcash AI facilitates seamless and efficient conversion between different cryptocurrency pairs within the platform.

Staking Platform

Stake your $MIXAI tokens to earn rewards and support the network.

Revenue Share

Participate in the revenue-sharing program to earn a portion of the platform's fees, promoting community involvement and reward distribution.

Unmatched Privacy

Our mixers are engineered to make your transactions untraceable, ensuring the highest level of privacy.

Comprehensive Features

From single and multi mixers to tipping and custom wallet generation, Mixcash AI offers a complete set of tools for secure transactions.

User-Centric Design

Our platform is intuitive and easy to use, catering to both novice and experienced users.

Secure and Reliable

Built on the robust Ethereum network, Mixcash AI guarantees security and reliability in all transactions.


Mixcash AI

Supply: 200,000,000 $MIXAI
Marketing: 10%
Staking: 5%
Revenue: 5%
Liquidity: 80%



Contract Address:


Contract Address:



Mixcash AI is a privacy-focused project on the Ethereum blockchain, providing advanced mixing services to make transactions untraceable, along with other features like tipping and wallet generation.
A mixer is a system designed to enhance privacy by obscuring the transaction trail. It combines multiple transactions from various users and redistributes them, making it difficult to trace the original source and destination of the funds.
Mixcash AI offers unparalleled privacy for your Ethereum transactions, ensuring that your financial activities remain confidential and secure. Our comprehensive suite of features caters to all your privacy needs.
Our key features include single and multi mixers for transaction privacy, tipping for anonymous contributions, and wallet generators for secure and custom wallet creation.
$MIXAI has a total supply of 200 million tokens with a 5% buy and sell tax. The supply distribution includes 80% to Uniswap, 10% for marketing and partnerships, 5% for staking rewards, and 5% for revenue sharing.
The 5% buy and sell tax is used to fund the platform's development, marketing, partnerships, and staking rewards, ensuring the sustainability and growth of Mixcash AI.

Mixcash AI


Phase 1: Foundation and Launch

  • Develop and deploy the Mixcash AI smart contracts on the Ethereum network.
  • Launch the $MIXAI token and provide initial liquidity on Uniswap.
  • Release the single mixer and multi mixer functionalities.
  • Establish social media presence and community channels.

Phase 2: Feature Expansion

  • Introduce the tipping feature to enable anonymous contributions.
  • Launch the wallet generator and custom wallet generator tools.
  • Implement staking rewards and revenue-sharing mechanisms.
  • Initiate marketing and partnership campaigns to increase platform visibility.

Phase 3: Platform Enhancement

  • Optimize the smart mixers for improved efficiency and privacy.
  • Expand partnerships with other blockchain projects and platforms.
  • Enhance user interface and experience based on community feedback.
  • Begin development of additional privacy-focused tools and features.

Phase 4: Ecosystem Growth

  • Integrate advanced analytics and monitoring tools for better platform insights.
  • Expand the Mixcash AI ecosystem with new functionalities and integrations.
  • Foster a strong community through events, promotions, and incentives.
  • Continuously update and improve the platform to maintain cutting-edge privacy and security.